How to help

Now there is no way to send money. The only possibility is to go over there. At least you are sure that what you bring goes to the right place. Those monks do not speak English so if you wish to communicate with them, you should go with somebody who can translate, otherwise the language of signs can also make it  :-)

Here are things they need:

  • Money (dollars or kyats) will let them buy what they need most at the moment. It is absolutely safe to give it to the monks in charge. They will really use it for the kids.
  • Medication against malaria, antibiotics, disinfectant, anti-diarrhea and paracetamol. Buying them in Myanmar will provide them with a notice in Burmese.
  • If you feel like it you can bring 25 kg of rice. They do grow rice but they need more. 

You can also tell friends who are planning to go to Myanmar about the orphanage and send them this link, post it on travellers forums or on your Facebook.


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