About us

We are are a Swiss couple, Nancy and Andre, who had a chance to visit Myanmar between December 2012 and January 2013.

We met some people from Yangon who showed us that orphanage. We were pretty moved to visit that place and very impressed by the work that  those 15 monks are doing, taking care of about 600 children.

First we thought that we could try to organize a way to collect medicine from tourists on their way home through hotels in Yangon. It happened that it's not so safe because it's difficult to make sure that some hotels will not sell them afterwards.

With the advice and help of our dear monk friend, Vara Sami, who lives in another monastery in Yangon, we agreed with the orphanage to do this web site that informs travelers about it's existence and provides some way to do something for them.

We wish you a very nice trip and hope this will be helpful.

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